A Genuine, Likable, Hands-On Individual Who Sets High Standards and Inspires People, Businesses, and Organziations to Operate in Excellence!


Investing in and developing human capital can increase loyalty, productivity and reduce turnover. Do you know what your employees or clients really want and need?


There are ways to improve the customer experience that leads to increase revenue and profits. Yet, change and compeition makes it a little more difficult to achieve your goals.


Being average isn’t good enough anymore! You need to excel in the areas that are important but do you know what they are and how to effectively use them?


How Can I Help You?

I believe I can have the greatest impact for you in the following areas! If you do not see what you need reach out to me and lets talk.


Relationship builder who develops friendly, candid and trusting relationships fast reducing customer churn, increasing service or product usage and maintaining 92% retention rate!


Can quickly assess any environment or situation, identify root cause, and develop a plan to improve outcomes, customer experience, and successfully avoid or handle potential obstacles while exceeding goals.


Possess a high level of energy, enthusiasm and a dynamic personality that captures the attention of people while using engaging and relevant content to maintain interest.


Knowledgeable in a variety of online and offline marketing methods that can help you get results. The key is to thoroughly develop your Customer Persona first!

Not getting the results you want? Let me assess what you are doing and get you back on track to achieve your goals!


I cannot begin to list all that I have done to help people improve their lives and businesses to increase revenue and profits. Below is just a very small sample of what I do!

Business Marketing

I created text message marketing campaign to increase business at times when it was slow at a particular pizza shop. it was very successful and still is today!

Professional Resume

An example of a resume created for a client that showcase their experience and how a company can benefit from hiring them.

Vision 2020

Marketing collateral created for Christ Family Community Church (C.F.C.C.) to help promote its 2020 vision!

YRG Equity Solutions Postcard

I’ve been helping small business owners estabhlish an online presence, get more customers, increase revenue and profits since 2007! I can help you too!

Job Hunt Ninja

A website for people struggling to get employers to notice them but need to get back to work or find a better job! I provide an effective and unique marketing approach that gets results.

Christ Family Community Church

Develop and manage the web site, hosting, emails, upload sermons, and payment processing.

Client Testimonials

Over the past 13-years, I have helped over 120,000 individuals and businesses to achieve their goals. Below are a few testimonials.

Shawn, you and Rich were a great partnership. I learned so much from you guys. Hence, why I am still in business 11-years later. Thank you!

Gail Walker

Shawn, your insights and training provided me with the tools to leave my full time job in 9-months and here I am 12-years later going strong. Thanks man!

Marcus Brewer

Shawn, you helped me to achieve success in ways I never imagined and help me to grow my team and income. Thank you for your training, guidance and support. I still use what you taught me!

Keisha Monique

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